Be The Best You Were Born To Be

In Reaching Beyond Excellence

One day learning programme on

‘Be The Best You Were Born To Be’

Facilitated by Dhammika Kalapuge MCIM(UK), CPM, FAMI, FABE(UK)


This programme will inspire the participants to perform in a challenging environment for them to achieve the best results. Moreover, having a positive out look towards the changing circumstances to live a life purposefully and resourcefully. It will persuade the participants for a behavioural change in regard to how in such an environment how one should focus the energy for a purpose, demonstrate team work, be more productive, build confidence, work with an entrepreneur mind-set, have a positive outlook towards life, manage change and serve the institution with a passion.

Target Audience

Staff at all levels.

Training Methodology

Combinations of mini-lectures open forum discussions, examples, relating success stories individual and group assignments. An interactive programme which requires a high degree of audience participation. The ideal number for the workshop will be 49 participants (7 per group into 7 groups).

Timing and Course Material

This is a one-day workshop from 9.00am to 6.00pm. Participants are provided with the course material in the form of a comprehensive workbook for future reference and to write an action plan.

Course Contents:

1. Define self-success with a positive frame of mind.

2. The understanding of inner abilities and getting the best out of one’s own self.

3. Planning towards achieving organisational goals with a sense of belonging.

4. Having a ‘Total Solution Focus’ approach to enhance productivity.

5. Out of the box thinking to break the paradigm to transform problems into opportunities.

6. Synergise as effective team players in the institution to achieve overall objective.

7. Learn to lead through continuous improvement by working smarter to enhance productivity.

8. Be a ‘Value Added Employee’ to the organisation.

9. Defining and demonstration of the Institute’s personality when dealing with Public.