Supervisory Skills Development

In Reaching Beyond Excellence

One day learning programme on

‘Supervisory Skills Development’

Facilitated by Dhammika Kalapuge MCIM(UK), CPM, FAMI, FABE(UK)


This programme will groom the participants to perform at their supervisory levels effectively.It inspires the participants to perform in a challenging environment for them to achieve the best results. Moreover, having a positive outlook towards the changing circumstances to live a life purposefully and resourcefully. Thereby lead their teams effectively. It will persuade the participants for a behavioural change to focus one’s energy for a purpose, demonstrate team work, be more productive, build confidence, work with an entrepreneur mind-set, have a positive outlook towards life, manage change and lead the institution with a passion.


Any reputed institution today has a needto develop its existing staff to perform at the present level more effectively and also to accept more responsibilities in the future. In view of the above fact this Supervisory Skills Development programme has been designed to give an insight to the current and potential leaders as to how they could develop competencies through modern techniques. Furthermore, comprehending these learning to application at work place too is given the due emphasis.

Target Audience

Supervisory staff

Training Methodology

One-dayeducational, inspirational and spiritual workshop conducted to the said staff ideally with 30 numbers in a batch. The learning style adopted will be a combination of mini-lectures, open forum discussions, case studies, world-wide examples, individual and group assignments.

Course Contents:

1. The understanding of inner abilities and developing self confidence to perform as a leader.

2. Learn to work smarter.

3. Synergise as effective team players in the institution to achieve overall objective.

4. The maximisation of available resources to the best of its potentiality for enhancement of productivity.

5. Managing emotions when dealing with people.

6. Self motivation to perform the task effectively.

7. Inspiring and leading the team for the best possible results.