Dhammika Kalapuge - Biography

Director and Principal Management Consultant of SIPCOM–1 (Pvt) Ltd

Dhammika is one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after trainers, a name synonymous with service quality enhancement training.

SIPCOM – 1 (Pvt) Ltd is a company involved in Total People Development. At present Dhammika works as the Principal Management Consultant and a Trainer focusing on service quality enhancement, system studies, mystery customer surveys, employee satisfaction surveys and employee motivation, to achieve higher productivity, customer growth and retention.

Dhammika has had held senior marketing positions at Sampath Bank, Eagle Insurance and Eagle NDB Fund Management. Prior to launching his career as a dedicated professional trainer he held the position of Vice President – Marketing at DFCC Bank. Dhammika has over twenty years of experience in Services Marketing and has benefited from many professional development programmes held both locally and overseas.

During the last two decades he has conducted over two thousand six hundred fifty inspirational workshops in Management, Entrepreneurial Development, Customer Care, Service Excellence, Relationship Marketing and Motivation to over 700 leading public, private sector and multinational institutions both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Also, Dhammika has been a keynote speaker at several local and international forums.

Over 350,000 participants have benefitted from his programmes so far. A highlight of his career was the recognition Dhammika received in been invited by Her Excellency Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, then the President of Sri Lanka to do a two day programme to her Cabinet of Ministers, which was conducted in 2004 as a residential event in Kandy with the participation of Her Excellency who was specially appreciative of the programmes done for the Presidential Secretariat and other Government institutions.

In the year 2000 he was presented with the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing’s first ever ‘Recognition Award’ for the contribution made to enhance the professional competence of the customer interface community in Sri Lanka.

Dhammika has contributed to several prestigious publications on ‘Service Marketing’ both in Sri Lanka and overseas. Dhammika has been a member of the lecture panels of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing for CIM and SLIM, and has served as a Chief Examiner at the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka.

Dhammika is a Post Graduate Diploma holder of CIM (UK), diploma holder of Marketing from Marketing Council of Australia,a Fellow and Certified Practicing Marketer of the Australian Marketing Institute. He also holds an advanced diploma in Business Administration from Association of Business Executives (UK) and is a Fellow Member of the institute. Dhammika is a former Executive Committee Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing.