"We merged the two seaplane operators in the Maldives and became the largest seaplane company in the world. We brought two strong cultures together and needed to harmonize them to bring out the best service culture in our company. We gave this challenge to Dhammika Kalapuge. He worked with us very closely for a period of six months in 2014 and delivered the results beyond my expectation. I have dealt with trainers and consultant across the globe, but
I should dare to say that Dhammika’s vibrant and momentous trainings are second to none. I am sure that the Customer Service World would have been at a much higher elevation if the world has a few more Dhammika Kalapuges.”

A U M Fawzy
Chief Executive Officer
Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA)

“Your style of presentation enthralled the participants and kept them focused on the programme. I sincerely thank you for going beyond your call of assignment in training and imparting valuable knowledge to our staff.”

Surekha Alles
Chief Executive Officer
Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd

"Over the years Dhammika has mastered the art of delivering a full days’ programme with the same level of enthusiasm and intense engagement of the participants. His method of case story based teaching is one of the most effective ways of imparting knowledge. In addition, to bringing in best in class global examples Dhammika now presents a number of local examples increasing the confidence of the local executives and inspiring them to drive for service excellence. In this context,
I consider that Dhammika is making a valuable contribution to the nation."

Deepal Sooriyaarachchi
Commissioner General
Sri Lanka Inventors’ Commission
(SLIC) Certified Partner RBL USA
“I believe your intelligence, talent and more importantly your passion has made you the best trainer in Sri Lanka. I feel extremely proud and happy that our country has a world class trainer like you. I sincerely believe that meeting you and having had the access to your programmes are the two best things that ever happened to our entity.”

Dr. Lasantha Malavige
Managing Director
Lassana Flora (Pvt) Ltd

“Our staff have commended that this program is one of the best programs which Sanofi Lanka Ltd has embarked. We are truly inspired with the content of your program and more than delighted that we decided to have this program conducted to our staff. I am confident our team would strive to attain their personal & professional aspirations with their renewed enthusiasm .”

Mario J Alphael
Country Manager
Sanofi Lanka Ltd

"The Customer Service Excellence training programme was well received by all the participants and it successfully covered our training requirement. Furthermore, I was informed that it was very insightful and delivery was excellent. It was after much planning that we were able to arrange a programme conducted by you, and it was well worth the effort."

Gerard Ondaatjie
Managing Director
Mercantile Investments and Finance PLC

“In my humble career I have listened to lecturers from Sri Lanka, Japan, UK, and in Jordan which attracted the best from American Academia due to close connections Jordan has with USA but for the ability to engage ones inner fabric – the body, soul and mind – I am yet to discover someone as unique as you Dhammika.”

Athulla Edirisinghe
President- Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association

"It is a gifted talent Dhammika on your part to put across very hilariously and very lightly some serious issues we are confronted on a daily basis at our work place, this gift of yours should be admired which kept the momentum from the inception to the right end of the participants though we have been sitting still for over ten hours on the said day."

Dileep Mudadeniya
Managing Director
Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau
"Your clear, lucid style of explaining with good rapport had the participants engaged and I am sure that the hands on training and expertise my team received from you will translate to the benefit of our organisation and go a long way in providing better services and improving the quality of products dispensed to clients."

Malraj Balapitiya
Chief Executive Officer - SLT Rainbow Pages / SLT Visioncom (Pvt) Ltd.
"The staff remarked what an excellent trainer you were. The active participation of all of us certainly reflected that. We liked your presentation, both in content and execution. You were funny, clear, and thorough, and kept our attention at all times during the intensive two-day programme."

Anil Wijewardene
Managing Director
EMSO (Pvt) Limited.
"We are very proud to say that our organisation is known in the industry for the excellent customer service that we provide to our clients. The credit goes to no one else but to you, as you have been our official trainer for the past 12 years."

Anura Hemachandra
Managing Director,
Vogue Jewellers (Private) Ltd.
"I personally participated in one of these workshops and witnessed first-hand, Dhammika’s amazing ability to not only hold the audience throughout the workshop which ran for ten hours, but also his effectiveness in running the workshop. Many of those who attended Dhammika’s workshop have already change as a result and all have voiced their appreciation of his work, as he does not only concentrate on change at work, but also how change their private life is of great value and rewarding."

Steve Edkins
Chief Executive Officer
South Asia Gateway Terminals (Pvt) Ltd.
"I was personally proud of your achievement and the standards to which you have already developed your programme and I am sure in the years to come, the programme will be of world class."

Eardly Perera
Managing Director
M & E