Effective Business Presentation


Making presentations require confidence and a real professionalism which is a mix with ‘art’ and ‘science’. This programme will enlighten the participants with a road map to understand how well they should project themselves more confidently and express their ideas convincingly. Moreover, following a systematic approach to present the findings logically and capture the audience’s complete attention. At the end to achieve the desired outcome of the effort put in. This programme will persuade the participants for a behavioural change in regard to how they should develop professional skills, using appropriate body gestures, voice modulation and materials to prove that the presenter represents a business which achieves success.


Combination of mini-lectures open forum discussions, individual role plays, play back, relating success stories, and group assessments. This two-day educational and practical workshop to be conducted for about 24 numbers of participants in a batch.

Target Audience

C-suite Managers. Furthermore, all staff who have to make presentations within and outside the organisation will be benefitted from this programme.

Course Contents:

The process of communication.

Understanding and identifying the precise need of the presentation and refining the content to achieve the set objective.

Systematic preparation, effective time management, using modern technology appropriately, adapting techniques and rehearsing for impactful delivery.

Managing stage fright, nervousness if any and setting the scene for presentation.

Designing effective visual aids and material following the minimalistic approach.

Managing equipment, preparation of notes and arrangement of logistics.

Assessing and evaluating of the presentation for its ‘desired response’.