Performance Excellence


This one-day programme will inspire the participants, to perform in a challenging environment, for them to achieve the best results. Moreover, having a positive outlook towards the changing circumstances to perform their own jobs, along with their team members, more purposefully and resourcefully. It will persuade the participants for a behavioural change with regard to how in a given environment one should focus on the energy for a purpose, maintain a balance, be more proactive, productive, build confidence, work with a sense of belonging, manage change, have a positive outlook towards life and eventually set and achieve the set objectives with a passion.

Target Audience

Newly Promoted Managers and Supervisory Staff.

Timing and Number of Participants

One-day educational and inspirational workshop to be conducted to the entire team with 42 to 49 pax. in a batch member from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Organisations with performance-based cultures have shown that their success is contingent upon the great performance of their employees. Performance excellence represents an opportunity to improve. For organisations committed to pursuing performance excellence continue to show outstanding results even in tough market conditions.

Training Methodology

Combinations of mini-lectures, open forum discussions, true to life examples, relating success stories, individual and group assignments. An interactive programme which requires a high degree of audience participation.

Course Contents:

Developing self-confidence to face the challenges ahead.

Working along with every staff member impartially with dignity and respect whilst consistently being mindful of the shared goals of the task in hand.

Forecasting and Planning towards achieving organisational goals with a sense of belonging.

The maximisation of all available resources to the best of its potentiality for the enhancement of productivity for everyone to be a Value Adding Employee (VAE).

Having a ‘Total Solution Focus’ (TSF) approach to practice synergy at all levels in performing the assigned tasks as an effective team.

Learn to lead through continuous improvement.

Importance in building business relationships with clients by extending an outstanding service.

Out of the box thinking to break the paradigm to transform problems into opportunities in conceptualising creative solutions.

Setting and agreeing on action steps, in your own role, for implementation in order to subsequently evaluate the effectiveness of the programme.