Service for Sales Excellence


Salespeople have already mastered their sales techniques. However, the research proves that customers are inclined to buy form the one who provides a distinct and compelling service experience. The uniqueness of this programme is that the facilitator, with over two decades of mastery in ‘service excellence’ educational programmes, will share with the participants the ‘art’ of serving the customers right through the sales process with the ‘science’ to establish lasting partnerships. The objective of this workshop will be to fine-tune the right ‘mindset’ amongst the Marketing and Sales staff to maintain an outstanding public relationship in dealing with the customers.

Target Audience

Marketing and Sales Staff who are in to sales.

Timing and Number of Participants

One-day educational and inspirational workshop to be conducted to the entire team with 42 to 49 pax. in a batch from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


For many salespeople, the closure of the sale typically comes at the end of the sales presentation. It represents for many as the final act in the sales process. Ordinary salespeople focus on just closing the sale. Extraordinary salespeople consider that closing the sale is the beginning of a relationship. The challenge is how a sales person can genuinely convert ‘a suspect to a prospect, a prospect to a customer, a customer to a client and a client to a brand ambassador’! The real selling is all about creating great value to customers and building long lasting relationships. Thereafter, sales person must be a resource to the customers and help them in genuinely solving clients on-going problems or satisfying their continuing, evolving dire needs and desires.

Learning Methodology

Story based learning with four case studies covering the practical aspects involved in consumer buying processes and how a sales person should pitch the sale accordingly by giving utmost importance to service qualities to be rendered to customer at every touch point.

Course Contents:

Evaluate one’s selling intent and philosophy that trigger the sales process.

Establish the (art) acceptance, respect and trust of the customer with the (science) simplicity, creativity, integrity, elasticity, novelty, consistency and efficiency in selling.

Learn the process of converting a prospect to a brand ambassador.

Learn to demonstrate professionalism whilst serving the customer with the 7 ‘C’ attributes in communication such as; clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, courteous and complete.

Coach the sales person on the usage of digitalisation for personalisation and simplification of the processes to create extra value to the customer.