Serving in a New Era


This programme will enlighten the participants with a road map to understand modern techniques available in providing an outstanding Customer Experience(CX) through extending ‘Genuine Customer Care’. It will persuade the participants for a behavioural change in regard to how they should deal with customers who are human beings with feelings and emotions. Moreover, how to treat customers as important ‘guests’ when they deal with the Institution in anticipation of solutions to their daily needs. Whilst accepting the need for technology to effectively serve the modern customers and employees today, understanding the fact that technology is only a tool to improve those relationships and not a mere replacement.

Target Audience

Managers who are responsible for customer service units, Frontline Staff, Sales Staff and Back office staff.

Timing and Number of Participants

One-day educational and inspirational workshop to be conducted to the entire team with 42 to 49 pax. in a batch from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Providing ‘care’ to both external and internal customers is a ‘mind-set’ to which every employee in the organisation should be attuned. To begin with, everyone should understand that customers are fellow human beings. It is a fact in life that ‘human beings’ always like to be treated with dignity. Offering something to the customers to feel that they are being cared for beyond a mere deal helps customers to develop relationship with such product/service providers.

Training Methodology

Combinations of mini-lectures, open forum discussions and full of real life examples.

Course Contents:

Getting Senior Management to get themselves adjusted to make a contribution towards the entity, to be in par with the post Covid anticipated 3-4% sustainable global GDP growth during the next decade.

Understanding ways and means of; (a) Learning and update to be current (b) Executing assigned tasks with passion (c) Aligning to the changing environment and (d) Driving for results.

Creating value to all internal and external customers to enhance effectiveness in transforming from ‘Divisional Mindsets’ to establishing a ‘Total Solution Focus’ approach.

The importance of establishing a new Service Excellence Culture that binds people and systems together to fulfil a national duty to contribute to the progression of the economy.

Overcoming problems and resolving difficulties usually encounters with resistance to change.

Need to fine-tune and inspire the staff to get adhered to the changing environment in order to enhance productivity.

Strategy to demonstrate the ‘brand personality’ of the organisation at each and every point of contact at the ‘Customer Experience’ journey.